Spiritual Ministries

Saint Francis De Sales Mass
The Saint Francis De Sales Mass is a ministry catering to the spiritual and social needs of the elderly in the community (the homebound, those in assisted living or nursing centers) who can be brought to the church by family members or by their care center. Once a month, the ministry leads the participants in prayer, help with preparation for Confession, Anointing of the Sick, Mass, and a fellowship luncheon in Father Klink Hall. Volunteers plan and serve the luncheon meal which is donated by parish families.

For more information, contact Stu Brown at stubrown@charter.net


Live, Pray, Love Ministry
For Widows, Widowers, and Single Adults
Purpose: Assist each one of us in living a full life of joy and in sharing that joy with others. A welcoming, comfortable, long-lasting opportunity for friendship, socialization, support, & service to each other and our community. Live a joyful path of life filled with purpose, love, and laughter. Brochures along with application forms are on tables in back of Church and in Fr. Klink Hall. The information can also be emailed to you. Please contact Barb Filla with any questions at 715-492-6053, or by email at liveprayloveministry.ic@gmail.com


Book Study Group -- Introduction to the Devout Life by St. Francis de Sales
Come learn how the 16th-century teachings of St. Francis de Sales in his timeless book, Introduction to The Devout Life, can help us cope with the challenges of living the Christian life today.
St. Francis de Sales' teachings are taught in every seminary and all over the world in churches to help ordinary people find practical ways to live out the Christian life and handle the challenges of daily life.
Who better to help us apply these practical teachings of St. Francis de Sales than Fr. Francis, a Missionary of St. Francis de Sales? 
Date: Starts Sunday, September 10, 2023
Venue: Fr Klink Hall
Time: 6:00 - 7:30 pm, twice a month
Please come and explore what the teachings of St. Francis de Sales offer and how they might help you navigate through the challenges of daily Christian living. 
If you plan to come, please text or call Lou Recine at 715-441-3202. Please leave your full name and phone #. Questions? Contact Lou.


Spiritual Direction Ministry
Immaculate Conception Parish is going to be offering a new ministry for those seeking Spiritual Direction. Spiritual direction is “a relationship through which we come to better know, love, and follow Christ though the help of a kind of spiritual coach.” (Dan Burke, Navigating the Interior Life). Spiritual direction helps a directee sort through these in order to gain objectivity about themselves and therefore properly discern God’s will. At its essence, spiritual direction is a conversation involving the spiritual director, the directee, and the Holy Spirit. A spiritual director meets with a directee usually once a month for 45 minutes to an hour (more frequently if there is a crisis). In the meeting, the directee shares their spiritual journey with the director. A spiritual director’s job is to prayerfully listen to the directee and to the Holy Spirit. The director will ask questions that, among other things, get to the heart of the spiritual challenges facing the directee. Together, the directee and director will devise a plan for the directee to work on between each meeting. 

Meetings are totally confidential, and are free of charge. If you are interested in setting up a meeting or would like more information, please email Jan at ICSpiritualDirection@gmail.com