Weekly Mass and Intention Schedule


TUESDAY, March 19th
Saint Joseph, Spouse of The Blessed Virgin Mary
7:00am             Communion Service
5:30pm             CB and Family

WEDNESDAY, March 20th
Lenten Weekday
7:00am             † Marilynn Bertram
5:30pm               Stations of the Cross

THURSDAY, March 21st
Lenten Weekday
8:45am              Mollyrae Peterson

FRIDAY, March 22nd
Lenten Weekday
7:00am            † Barbara Congdon
11:00am          Pray the Rosary in Church

SATURDAY, March 23rd
Lenten Weekday
7:00am            † Margie & Frank Bartosh
Third Sunday of Lent
5:30pm            † Glenn St Arnault

SUNDAY, March 24th
Third Sunday of Lent
8:30am            †  Andrea Michalski Zinn
10:30am          People of the Parish

MONDAY, March 25th
The Annunciation of the Lord
7:00am            Communion Service 

TUESDAY, March 26th
Lenten Weekday
7:00am            Communion Service
† Glenn St Arnault                           

WEDNESDAY, March 27th
Lenten Weekday
7:00am            † Andrew & Mary Ann Cohn
5:30pm            Stations of the Cross

THURSDAY, March 28th
Lenten Weekday
7:00am             † Frances Boylen 

FRIDAY, March 29th
Lenten Weekday
7:00am             † Wanda & Francis Lium
11:00am            Pray the Rosary in Church

SATURDAY, March 30th
Lenten Weekday
7:00am             † Joanne & Robert Manthey
Fourth Sunday of Lent
5:30pm             People of the Parish

SUNDAY, March 31st
Fourth Sunday of Lent
8:30am            †  Leo & Irene Herbst
10:30am          † George Schmit