Music Ministry


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Contact Shawn to join, schedule, and lead: [email protected]

Member management and scheduling takes place on “The Holy Grid”-- an online spreadsheet where members communicate their commitments and music is scheduled. 

Program Philosophy and Present Aims

Immaculate Conception has a number of flexible offerings for anyone interested in growing musically. Leading parish music is an excellent way to create awareness and learn clear seeing, and musicians of all types can contribute their skills and receive support!

 Unique to our parish is a production environment where interested members can record music, install small ensemble fixtures, and learn any number of theory/cognition inquiries to expand how they apprehend musical materials. 

Context is everything. We can recreate patterned norms or we can generate new outputs-- the outcome depends entirely on the desires generated by the persons involved. The offering is available, and any earnest participant will meet instruction of equal interest and acumen! 

Youth in particular receive a personal focus-- all interested can work on church projects with 1:1 instruction at no cost, and gain leadership skills in a supportive environment. Other lessons and production skills outside of church projects are discounted by half for parish youth. 


Tour the studio: Our Parish Has a Production Studio-- Quick Tour and Youth Lessons Pitch

Studio Update (Better carpet!):


For soloists: 

1:1 cantoring with basic voice instruction. Discuss tempo selection, broadening/relaxing the funnel of tone, learn independence and confidence, manufacturing a phrase based on the tonal materials present etc. Advanced students can request Solfege training, sight singing, or recording opportunities. 

Cantoring is leading the parish in song-- you don't have to sing entire services to try this out. Unsure? Ask for training! This a growth opportunity for both adults and youth. 

For youth:

Youth music is a pending endeavor to begin again in the fall. Rehearsals will be placed in proximity to religious education. The aim will be to lead one mass a month on a prepared schedule during the school year-- though some individuals may also desire 1:1 work and schedule other cantoring/playing gigs. 

Any parish youth desiring supplemental instruction (non church projects) can take lessons with Shawn at half his typical rate. Comprehensive instruction is fairly rare, so if the desire is there, take advantage. These could also involve recording experiences, software instruction, composition, improvisation etc. 

For adults: 

Given the circumstances, IC can offer ensembles of 2-4 people to sing prepared music at weekend masses. A small environment is a great way to learn sonic pocketing and independence. 

A typical workflow would involve an instructional video posted on a Monday, a Wednesday/Thursday evening rehearsal with weekend voices, then singing at a service.

Any instrumentalist is also welcome to play improvised or assigned parts on hymns. 


A recruiting/developing coordinator could be a valuable ministry and be included in the liturgy committee meetings.