From the Pastor's Pen


Fall Festival!  The only Fall Festival of the 75th Jubilee Year of the Parish!  Let us cherish this special moment. Fall Festival is more than a fund raiser. It brings us together as a community of believers. No doubt,  it is a display of our ability as a community to share talents, time and treasure for common goals. It creates an avenue for the larger community to join us and experience our hospitality. Over the past months, I have seen a greater involvement of the young and old. What Margaret J. Wheatley shares is pertinent: "There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about." As a community, we are discovering not only our richness but also what we care about. Let us keep going.

Change is a constant reality. Inherent in every change is the hope for something better. Within the weeks of my arrival here, a year ago, one question repeatedly asked was: “What’s going to change? My reply had been: “Nothing for now, I do not know what’s here; so everything stays as it is.”  We all desire change; yet, when it comes to change, it is so difficult for us. But the reality is that we all participate in the change that’s happening within and around us. At times, we participate in it consciously; other times, we flow with the current. 

Changes were many for me to be here. You don’t have a clue to those changes. More changes were required of me in order to meet the demands of ministry here in the parish. In all of those changes, each of you carried me in ways you may not even know or recognize. I thank God for you. The greater truth is that you also went through a sea of change. The biggest change for you has been a priest from India as your Pastor- something, which in your wildest of dreams ever imagined! Along with it came the challenge of accent, language; and the need to pay greater attention to hear and understand me. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. Like you, I too faced the same challenge. It demanded of me to pay greater attention in order to understand and enter into meaningful conversation with you all. The truth is that in this one year period, we all have changed! Changed together- presumably, for the better!

Certainly, our community involvement has increased. I am excited about the fervor all have shown so far! Today, more people are involved in volunteering. Christian faith teaches that service done to others is a service to God. Too often, we consider volunteering as a service done merely to others. Studies have proven that volunteering has great health benefits to the volunteer. Volunteering helps reduce personal stress, increases confidence, and expands the net work of connections. The benefits of volunteering are significant to the community, your family and you. Give the best that you can to the parish community. By your involvement in the parish, you are already reaching out to the whole world. I thank you all- young and old- who keep our parish alive and vibrant. No small service is too small! 

Thank you mothers and fathers who bring little children to Sunday masses. What a joy! I congratulate the mother who brought her little ones last weekend, right up to the first pew. Bring in many more! The Parish loves the music of the little children in the Church! I too love it!  As we are in the month of November, let us keep all the Departed faithful in our prayers. Have a blessed weekend!


I would like to send out a sincere THANK YOU! to all who helped plan, organize, set-up, attend and clean-up for our Jubilee Fall Festival to make it a huge success! We simply could not have done it without each and every one who participated!
Building a community that loves, shares and serves.

 Jubilee Fall Festival 2019