Weekly Mass and Intention Schedule

MONDAY, January 28th
Saint Thomas Aquinas, Priest & Doctor of the Church
7:00am             Communion Service

 TUESDAY, January 29th
7:00am             Communion Service
5:30pm            † Ivana Lewis                             

WEDNESDAY, January 30th
7:00am             † Robert and Ella Scobie

THURSDAY, January 31st
Saint John Basco, Priest
8:45am             † Ray, Rosemary & Michael Prissel 

FRIDAY, February 1st
7:00am            † Glenn St. Arnault
11:00am           Pray the Rosary in Church

SATURDAY, February 2nd
The Presentation of the Lord
7:00am              † Thomas Rankin Jr.
5:30pm              † Irene Fischer

SUNDAY, February 3rd
Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
8:30am               Micheal Drace
10:30am            People of the Parish