Weekly Mass and Intention Schedule

MONDAY, November 19th

TUESDAY, November 20th
5:30pm             † Bernie Hartung
                         † Michael Hagmann

WEDNESDAY, November 21st
The presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
7:00am             Greg Power

THURSDAY, November 22nd
Saint Cecilia, Virgin and Martyr
9:00am            † Marjorie Marick

FRIDAY, November 23rd
7:00am           † Deceased members of the Tony Kraemer family

SATURDAY, November 24th
Our Lord of Jesus Christ, King of the Universe
5:30pm          People of the Parish

SUNDAY, November 25th
Our Lord of Jesus Christ, King of the Universe
8:30am            Valeria Couillard
10:30am          † Charles Walli

MONDAY, November 26th
7:00am            Communion Service
6:30pm             People of Praise, Oak Room

TUESDAY, November 27th
7:00am            Communion Service
5:30pm            † Dick Hagmann
                         † Jim Hagmann

WEDNESDAY, November 8th
7:00am            † Marilyn Bertram

THURSDAY, November 29th
8:45am           † Ray Scott

FRIDAY, November 30th
St. Andrew the Apostle
7:00am           † Jerry Lemke
11:00am          Pray the Rosary in Church

SATURDAY, December 1st
First Sunday of Advent
7:00am           † Joseph Menard
5:30pm           † Greg Bement
                        † Peter Bement

SUNDAY, December 2nd
First Sunday of Advent
8:30am           Sharon Rinka
                       † Marie Shupe
10:30am         People of the Parish