Ministry Schedule

WEEK OF JANUARY 27th & 28th

Eucharistic Ministers:

5:30pm            Jeanine Brown, Mary and Stan Andrews, Barb and Pat Brandner

8:30am            Michelle Wilson, Janet Wolfe, Laurie Zukaitis, Jeffrey Geissler, Earl Kennedy

10:30am         Jennifer and Molly Wampler, Dawn Benning, 2 volunteers needed



5:30pm            Monica Caron, Joe Graf

8:30am            Lori Engel, Dawn Garcia

10:30am         Judith Fletschock, Mary Styer


 Altar Servers:

5:30pm            Dallen and Tanner Robinson, Brandon Sommers

8:30am            Cormac and Finley Moss, Olive Wilson

10:30am          Luke and Michael Usher, Katelyn Muehlenkamp


Accompanists & Cantors:

5:30pm           Kris Sackett, Colleen Garnevicus

8:30am           Andrew Thompson, 8:30 Choir

10:30am         Kris Sackett, Youth Choir