From the Pastor's Pen


Jesus is not fooled by the Pharisees and  Herodians' shameful flattery, but sees through it to their malice and hypocrisy. These vices lead to a false dichotomy between earthly and divine kingdoms. Goodness and truth lead us to recognize our place and proper conduct in both kingdoms. When earthly kingdoms are guided by God's values and ways, they are no less than the spatial presence here and now of God's kingdom.  And we pay only one tax: the self-giving that bears the image of Jesus.  God uses earthly realms, as in the case of Cyrus the Persian who liberates the Jews from Babylonian captivity, to further the presence of God's kingdom. There need be no opposition between them. And when there is, it's due to human malice and hypocrisy. Sometimes what we owe to God can put us in conflict with the civil authority, for example, conscientious objection to war, policy decisions concerning poverty and environment, etc. When conflicts arise, is it Caesar or is it God we serve?



Things are coming along for our Annual Parish Fall Festival on Saturday, November 11th.  If people have items for the White Elephant Sale run by Scout Troop 31 you can drop them by the rectory and we can keep them in the rectory basement.  We are still collection items or gifts cards for the silent auction.  We do have some new items including; two half hogs - completely processed and wrapped and frozen, approximately 110 pounds each.  Fr. Don also is putting up a weekend at his house in Lincoln County on the Prairie River for auction - it is three bedrooms and two baths that can sleep 10 - 12 and is near snowmobile trails, hunting and fishing.  He will have a video of the house for viewing at the auction.  A sign up board is now in the hall for people to help with the dinner and other activities for the festival.

On Tuesday, October 24th at 6:00pm Fr. Don will have a presentation on funeral planning in Fr. Klink Hall. Mike Hulke, an area funeral director, and Fr. Don will discuss all the options available to families when a death occurs and a funeral must be planned.  Fr. Don will also go through the funeral rite and choices about wake services, music, readings and such.  Funeral planning books will also be available for sale.  Plan to come and see what options are available to plan your funeral ahead of time to make sure your wishes are made known to family and to help them when the time comes.